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JOM: Families prepare for a 'different holiday season'

The holiday season is swiftly approaching and many families are eager to see each other. However, with the recent surge in coronavirus infection rates families are being asked not to convene this year.

Coronavirus researchers are worried that the United States is close to a second wave of COVID-19. Therefore they are asking public figures to persuade people to celebrate the holidays domestically.

People are also advised to be safe while shopping for the holiday season.

There are also many holiday routines that must be changed this year. However, some families who have had yearly traditions of reuniting during the holiday seasons are thinking of new ways to be together without physical appearances.

For example, some experts online are entertaining the idea of a virtual gathering. Many families are finding alternatives to recapture key aspects of holiday traditions. 

Elijah Cunningham, a Red Robin employee, said this Christmas most of his family will probably ship presents.

States such as Michigan are closing back up, and families meeting could cause more outbreaks and lengthen the lockdown time. 

Individuals are ready to make the hard short-term decisions for the better long term effects. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who advised small holiday gatherings live on FOX2, said she believes that by making these decisions to not hold large gatherings they can help the country and it states get a hold on the coronavirus.


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