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King volleyball adjusts to play during pandemic

King’s volleyball team has had many struggles with the pandemic. Following the new COVID-19 safety rules that were put in place by the state, everyone needs to take precautions to have a season. Volleyball players have to adjust to playing with mask and gloves.

Even though Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has allowed indoor sports to go back in gyms, playing with masks can still be a challenging adjustment. Sophomore volleyball players from King and Renaissance have concerns and dislikes about the new rules. 

“Playing volleyball during the pandemic was stressful," said Mikayla Mitchell, a sophomore at Renaissance. "I couldn’t really be near my friends the way I wanted to. Wearing gloves wasn’t fun either. My hands were sweating like crazy."

Mitchell has been playing since she was 7 years old. From someone that’s been playing for so long, the transition could very much be taxing. 

“I don’t like the fact that we have to play in masks because we are moving around and with that mask over our faces it makes it hard,” sophomore Leah Brown said. “When we were playing outside with gloves I understand why but I feel like it’s harder to play with gloves on. I think if no one is sick or spreading germs around while we’re playing we should all be good.” 

With cases rising and everyone worried about COVID-19, being safe during this time is a must, but at what cost? Volleyball changes because of COVID-19 has removed the enjoyment for some players. Practice days had to be done outside this summer.

“Playing outside made it feel like it was all a joke and it was way too hot, but I love volleyball,” sophomore Edyn Henton said. “Yeah it was hard to get use to practicing every day in 70, 80-degree weather plus with masks on. Practicing in the gym with masks makes it harder to breathe as well.” 


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