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THOMAS: Leave Ice Cube alone

Carolyn Thomas

Ice Cube, one of the greatest influential hip-hop artists and actor, claims he isn’t a supporter of  President Donald Trump. Cube’s Platinum Plan for Black America is a plan to advance the Black community financially. However, many Blacks are upset with the mere thought of Cube working with Trump. 

In October, CNN's Chris Cuomo interviewed the artist. Questions included false information about the meeting  Cube had with Trump’s people. Cube had to get Cuomo straight by giving him facts. Cube says he did not go running to any campaign. Both sides contacted him and wanted to talk about his Platinum Plan for Black America.

Remember, some years ago Cube dropped a diss track about Trump titled “Arrest the President.” Now, fans are confused about why he would consider working with Trump. Cube has every right to work with whomever is going to help our community. That could be Trump or Joe Biden.

Cube said  both campaigns looked at his plan. However, the Biden camp said they would discuss it after the election. Whoever is willing to work with Cube, he is willing to work with them. What is wrong with that?

In the interview, Cube said “dollars bring dignity,” which means when people have money they get treated better. There is an enormous wealth gap between Blacks and whites in this country that he wants to rectify. From a practical perspective, it is nothing wrong with the decision Cube made.

The Black community seems to not understand the reasoning for Cube’s actions. He met with the person who currently has the power to make changes for our people. 


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