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Students: How are you?

Many students in the United States dread going to school whether it’s online or in person. 

Attending school for most people means stress, depression, and many other negative side effects. This can cause a toll on students' mental and physical health.

Most schools have strict policies that take place in their buildings to prohibit smooth learning and easily take control over students. The workload students receive plays a big part in this case. Students may get about four-plus assignments everyday for five days and the turn in date for each assignment may vary.

"The amount of hours we put into school is draining," said Lenah Algahli, a senior at Renaissance High School. "Teachers and staff forget we have practice and work to attend to after school."

Schools have always been tiring for students and some despise it, but what can schools change to make the students happier and genuinely love learning and attending school?


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