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Will pandemic create more young entrepreneurs?

Staying home is the top priority so this gives students time to think about what they want to do with their future. A large number of people have been affected by the pandemic negatively, but some students gained a positive effect from it since they can work on their skills as an entrepreneur. 

A 10-question survey was conducted at Communication & Media Arts high school to get a better insight into how certain entrepreneur’s businesses were affected by the pandemic. 

When the question “Has the pandemic been a negative or positive on your business?” was asked, every student answered neutrally. 

“It affected my business because I do order most of my shipments online so the pandemic delayed the shipping process," senior Trinity Booker said. "A positive way it affected my business was I took the time to revamp my business, rebrand it to my perfection.” 

Booker's business VII Crowns specializes in handmade lip gloss, beauty products, and accessories for male and females. The pandemic may have had its negatives but Booker  took advantage of the time she had.

The pandemic also helped senior Jordan Boyd with his business.

"It gave me more time to work on it," Boyd said. "Considering more people have time at home I have more competition, on top of the dozens, no thousands of businesses in the same field”. 

Body is a digital designer that makes custom made logos. He  found a way to shape the pandemic in a beneficial way for him.

With the rise of young entrepreneurs, this could be beneficial to the economy in the future. With the pandemic still in effect, it doesn’t stop these young entrepreneurs from working hard to improve their business. 


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