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Another Lockdown Order? Really?

When COVID-19 hit the United States, most of us went into lockdown. Some states stayed in lockdown all year, while others like Michigan were able to be released after a few months. As COVID-19 cases began to increase again this fall, on Nov. 16, Michigan went under another three-week shutdown.

“I hope this order doesn’t extend and I wouldn’t even call it a lockdown because you can still do and go to a lot of places, just not in big groups close together," said Jade Gibbs, a junior at Cass Technical High School. "I like it, hopefully, the cases go down in time for Christmas."

Alexandria Nelson, who attends Martin Luther King Jr. High School said the new lockdown order is a good thing, and that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is making the right choice. 

“She wants the COVID cases to go down; the hospitals are doubling the number of patients and that’s not good, and with the cold going around, the colder it gets, the worse it gets because people tend to get sick during the winter," Nelson said.

Whitmer’s new order is not as strict as the one that took place earlier this year. This order, which is through Dec. 8, restricts schools to teach in-person, shuts down indoor services at bars and restaurants, and requires people to work from home unless it is necessary that they leave the house. 


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