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First-year teachers in Detroit will have top starting salary in state

Detroit teachers have received a new one-year contract between Detroit Public Schools Community District and the Detroit Federation of Teachers.

“Teachers need to be able to make more money since they have to deal with double the work and a bit more stress since students won't listen to the teacher or just not show up in class,” senior Tyrese Bomar-White said.

Teachers have been fighting with the district for years to get a raise.

In May, the district and the DFT reached an agreement where it would make the new starting teacher have one of the highest salaries in metro Detroit, which was $51,071 -- a 33% increase that will make them the highest paid first-year educators in Detroit. 

“I'm very excited that teachers are finally getting a raise since they are always complaining about not making enough and they are working too hard,” senior Nyjuan Hallman said.

Detroit teacher's salary has risen more than $13,000 annually, which would push their average salary to $70,380 ranking them 35th in the state, averaging more than teachers in West Bloomfield, Plymouth and Ann Arbor.


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