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JENKINS-JONES: Playing the hand I’ve been dealt

Being a visual learner is the hardest part of virtual school. Seeing my classmates, teachers, and administrators through a screen is not what I wanted my new normal to be--especially during senior year. 

I’ve never been a fan of doing online work. I like books in my hands and being taught on a white board. Online school is unorganized and slows down teachers and students. Some may not have great internet connections or could be lost on an assignment with no help to get on the right track. 

At times I get confused because of all the platforms teachers use for one class: Microsoft Teams, Schoology, and SAVVAS. Each teacher has different ways of going about the way they construct a classroom, so I’m learning step-by-step how to adapt to my teachers as I would do any other year. 

I'm trying to make the best of this situation by doing what I would do if I were face-to-face. I do my regular morning routine, complete my assignments, and handle any other business in between classes.

As I attempt to get comfortable doing work and submitting it virtually, I will play the hand I’ve been dealt. 


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