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Western class president works to connect students

<p>Abbie Allen is Western’s senior class president.</p>

Abbie Allen is Western’s senior class president.

Western senior class president Abbie Allen has a passion to lead and help seniors have the best year possible. But as Allen strives to make a real change in the school, she found that “Trying to juggle being president, captain of the softball team, academics, and homelife is almost impossible.” 

Allen said she has learned how to manage her life by prioritizing and never procrastinating. Her main struggle as president, she said, is that she cannot give everyone what they want. 

“Trying to find a common ground that will please the whole class is almost always impossible,” she said.

Allen said seniors feel free to share with her because she’s friendly to everyone. For example, if a student wants to discuss the senior quote or senior clothing choices, they can easily talk to her. Seniors can also connect with Allen on social media accounts she has created for the senior class: Twitter (@wihs2020) and Snapchat (@western_2020). 

Allen is also known for her power hit in softball. Playing softball is important to Allen, and she plans to play in college. She uses softball to reduce stress by placing her full attention on everything that is happening on the field.

Allen has been described as an excellent team coordinator. 

“Abbie is very good when it comes to stepping up and being a leader,” teammate Jimena Gutierrez said. “During our summer softball season, before every game she was always very encouraging and believed in us.

“When she notices that we are not feeling the game, she always reminds us of how hard we have trained for this and it gives us a boost of motivation.”


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