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Armstrong’s style encourages others

You’ve probably seen Western junior Robyn Armstrong walking to class while telling a story with her unique clothing choices. Armstrong likes to think of herself as a walking expression of art. Every morning Armstrong steps out of bed directly into creativity. 

“Creativity is a very powerful tool that can change any person in any environment,” she said. “And it goes far too overlooked.”  

Armstrong describes her fashion sense as “ghetto, goth, oriental and hippie.” Armstrong typically shops for her clothes in thrift stores and vintage boutiques. Among Armstrong’s inspirations are singer-songwriters Prince and Bjork, both with intriguing personalities and fashion senses.

She wants to encourage others to “not be afraid of diversity” and show that being different and not going by certain ideals is OK. She feels this way especially when taking into consideration that she’s a young black woman. 

“I want to show that being a tall, black woman I can broadcast whatever I want with no limits” she said. 

Armstrong said she is a firm believer in art being expressed at any given moment and likes showcasing her creativity while getting an education. 

Armstrong draws inspiration from a quote by Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge, but knowledge empowers imagination.”


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