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Review: Choir pays homage to black history

On Feb. 12, Renaissance High School’s concert choir hosted its annual concert under the direction of their teacher, Patrice DuBose. 

The concert consisted of singers from all grade levels and there were more than 10 songs performed by the choirs including South African Zulu spirituals and classical songs such as “Bye Bye Black Bird.” The program was intended to bring a beautiful concert to RHS while paying tribute to black history month. The choir illustrated this by singing spirituals that both Africans and African Americans sing.

RHS juniors In’Dia Harris and Christopher Williams performed solos in ​”Precious Lord,” ​junior Alexis Harris performed a solo in ​”Seek the Lord,” ​and senior DeVontae Madison and junior Damon DuBose each had solos in ​”Go Down Moses.”

The concert was well put together and organized. It also felt like a professional because all the choir members were dressed in white shirts and black skirts or pants. On the other hand, the concert was long and the audience could see students swaying back and forth, tugging at the sides of their bodies and being completely antsy.

Although the show was lengthy, we recommend that you attend an RHS choir concert in the future. Each group offers so many different sounds from various genres, so you are sure to find one that grabs you and makes you want to dance or smile. The concert usually starts in the evening, so be sure to handle anything important beforehand because you are in for a lengthy treat.


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