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Brotherhood at the Ville

Program helps young men stay focused

<p>James Mallett offers some advice to Anthony Hall as part of the school’s Brotherhood organization. Photo by Eric Major.</p>

James Mallett offers some advice to Anthony Hall as part of the school’s Brotherhood organization. Photo by Eric Major.

The school’s Brotherhood organization, spearheaded by assistant principals Evege James and James Mallett, is all about teaching male students how to approach their career goals with integrity and tenacity.

Under the direction of these positive and successful leaders, young brothers learn to stay focused on their studies and aspirations.

“We are a mentoring outreach program that works in conjunction with the Detroit Police Department, the Detroit Lions, and a host of other community organizations designed to help our challenged male students stay focused and be productive,” James said. “Some of the things we do in the Brotherhood program is participate in discussions on different topics, attend field trips, and encourage students to do the right things.

“Also, we teach students to separate themselves from troublemakers, and we help our boys make good decisions regarding their education and career interests.”

Field trips for brothers include college tours, visits to various recreation centers, cultural sites, and dinner at restaurants.

Senior Anthony Smith, a member of the Brotherhood, said: “Boys go through a lot of stuff and this program helps young men avoid conflicts. The advisers even teach us how to resolve problems before they get out of hand.”

“I have become a better man and better person by learning to be more disciplined, and I now make good decisions about my education and personal life, and this is in part because of my connection with the Brotherhood program,” junior Nathan Minter said.

Many male students find the Brotherhood organization to be an important program and East English Village. Student Anthony Hall said he looks forward to meeting with the brothers.

“They are important in my life for many reasons,” Hall said. “We have student officers who chair our weekly meetings. They help members like me to freely open up in group sessions to discuss problems that affect us in any way.”

Program advisers want to include more college prep initiatives next year.

“Brotherhood is an excellent opportunity for us to reach students,” Mallett said. “It inspires students to reach new heights, learn new greatness, as well as teach them to respect the law. I have seen students in this program take steps toward becoming productive members of our society, and I appreciate the program coming to our school.”


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