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Schools in city, suburbs not equal

In recent years, Detroit Public Schools Community District has been rated one the worst school systems in the country by National Assessment of Educational Progress. A NAEP report had the district’s weakest areas in math and reading.

In a recent online poll, students were asked if they felt that DPSCD and suburban school systems are equally educated. Of the students surveyed, 97% agreed that city schools are not educated the same way as suburban area schools.

“I feel like the suburban city schools have a better learning environment because they have more materials and learning experiences with their teachers,” Kahliah Baker said. “I feel like DPS schools have a disadvantage with the learning system anyways because of not having many teachers also.”

The inner-city schools lack fundamental needs in order to have a great education system. Building conditions lack fundamental needs such as heating and cooling. Students are not fully equipped with supplies such as laptops and/or textbooks, and sometimes physical support is not there. 

Another recent online poll showed that 97% of surveyors felt suburban area schools have a better learning environment than the inner city. 

“I feel that both schools are not equally educated, because in suburban schools they are provided with better environments and better supplies as of the city schools,” Alexis Gleason said.

Students are completely outraged yet not surprised on how they are treated. It’s always been different treatment amongst the school systems. Additionally, non-city schools have better necessities and have more privileges than the rest.

DPSCD has not been fairly treated and it has negatively impacted its students where they can not completely focus on bettering their education.


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