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Students should apply for scholarships

Many students don’t have the money to pay for college tuition, books or supplies. Students who come from low-income families should take advantage of scholarships.

A scholarship is money given to students to help them cover college expenses. Scholarships are usually issued by the government, organizations and universities. This money does not need to be paid back, unlike loans. 

Western college advisor Brenda Henry. Photo by Manuel Lomeli.

“It is important to apply for scholarships to alleviate financial burden for both the parents and the student,” said Brenda Henry, a college adviser at Western. 

Money from scholarships can be very helpful because all that money will reduce the amount of money you have to pay for tuition, room and board, and books. Any leftover money can be used as you see fit. 

You can apply for scholarships by writing essays. Websites like RaiseMe make it easier to find and apply for scholarships. RaiseMe also offers an option to learn more about certain colleges and see which college is best for you. Other websites similar to RaiseMe offer the same help. You should start applying for scholarships as early as freshmen year, because the money adds up.

Henry is joined by Andrea Thompson-Jackson, Maria Lopez and Antonio Vargas, who can help you with anything related to college. They can help you with your FAFSA, applications for colleges, and applying for scholarships.

“Our goal as your college advisor is to get as many students as we can into post-secondary education,” said Vargas.

Even if you don’t plan to attend college you should at least complete your FAFSA because you might change your mind.


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