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Feliciano brings confidence to ring

Western student boxing standout, Josue Feliciano, pauses during a workout at the Downtown Boxing Gym. Photo courtesy of Samuel Feliciano.

Western junior Josue Feliciano is a boxing champion with a record of 29-3. Feliciano began boxing at the Downtown Boxing Gym at age 11. He said he started boxing because “my brother wanted to spare with me.”  

Feliciano said he gradually gained confidence by learning from his mistakes and by following the directions of his boxing coach, Sonic Luna. Luna has gone to his tournaments and is always seeking to perfect Feliciano’s boxing skills. 

Feliciano said Luna’s goal is to transfer good energy and confidence into every fight. Feliciano has learned to enjoy boxing even when struggling against formidable opponents. He said that with Luna’s help he goes into a match with a positive attitude and ends up having a good time no matter what the outcome is. 

Feliciano also studies the boxing techniques of his favorite boxer, the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard, who showed extraordinary agility, speed and preparation in his fights.

Feliciano said that when he gets hit repeatedly in a match he thinks of all the training he does at the gym to improve his “craftsmanship.” He is learning that there is a lot more to boxing than strength and endurance.  

He said that in addition to learning boxing techniques he is improving his “tunnel vision,” which is a method of sharpening his focus and concentration. He says using “tunnel vision” helps him go into a fight with his main focus on his opponent and nothing else.


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