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Meditation class aims to reduce stress

<p>Students and faculty participate in meditation exercises in a new class at Southeastern High School.</p>

Students and faculty participate in meditation exercises in a new class at Southeastern High School.

Southeastern High School students are allowed to present new ideas that are beneficial to students and staff. But more than that, they can organize and lead it.

In October, sophomores Lazavier Cole, Kendall Williams and Jamila Russle had an idea of creating a student-led meditation class. But to evolve it from a dream to a reality, they had to take certain steps. 

First, they committed a week to create a presentation to present to principal Maurice El-Amin. The presentation gave information on what meditation is, the pros of it, why it should be a class, what good things can come from it, why people should meditate, and lastly, why it should be student-led and not teacher-led.

To meditate is to think deeply and focus your mind for a period of time in silence where you are able to clear your mind, relax and focus. Some people use meditation for spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation.

Cole explained that he started the class because he knows that students, including himself, have classes and work that add stress. He said meditation is a stress reliever to students and that it could calm their anxiety.

Cole also said that his goal is “to let students be free spirited, open minded and calm in school.”

With knowledge of the class and its purpose, this reporter decided to attend a session. 

The first time I just sat and observed. I saw students engaged in yoga and actually participating with intentions of leaving calmer than when they arrived.

My second time visiting I decided to participate. When I did, I noticed that my body liked the non-strenuous exercises and that I was indeed calmer after I had arrived. 

The third time I attended a class, I interviewed students for feedback. 

One of the students, sophomore Christon Edwards said, “The only reason I joined the meditation class is because my girlfriend started it and I wanted to support her, but as I start going to classes I began to enjoy them.

The classes help me focus and sort out different things in my life, therefore I am glad I decided to go.”


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