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East English Village's Got Talent

<p>East English Village teacher Katrina Lewis-Rimmer dances during the talent show. Photo by Eric Major.</p>

East English Village teacher Katrina Lewis-Rimmer dances during the talent show. Photo by Eric Major.

Students were amused and hyped as East English Village teachers and staff took to the stage performing acts, singing and dancing in the “Teachers Got Talent” show.

From the beginning of the show, students erupted in laughter as staff imitated students in the busy halls during class change. Hoodies, locker conversations, cells galore, describe every wing in the Ville for the five minutes that students must go from class to class, sometimes on the opposite end of the building.

Performers included Robin Barker Alicia Keys; she impressed students and staff alike with her powerful voice and electrifying talent playing the piano.  

Other acts were April Jones as Fantasia; Thomas Galasso, Bryant Tipton, Kenneth Williams and Wayne Johnson as the G Men, Melody. They sang the blues and several Motown hits ending with an all-time favorite, “My Girl” by the Temptations. The crowd chimed in surprising staff by knowing the words to the song. 

Germaine Clinkscale was the mistress of ceremony. She entertained the crowd with her humor as acts prepared to go on stage.

“It felt great to host the talent show; EEVPA has so many talented teachers,” said Clinkscale, “Many teachers came together to put on a show for the students.”

Counselor Ayanna Kumasi led teachers and some students in hustling to the song, “I changed for you.”

“I picked this song because it’s known and it’s a good song to
ballroom hustle to,” she said. 

Kumasi’s also sang “R.E.S.P.E.C.T” by Aretha Franklin, which not only honored the late Franklin, but gave life to the DPSCD’s “Expect Respect” initiative, which highlights a new character trait monthly.

Other staff who performed included Tracey DeShield, a new staff member who surprised everyone when she sang Natalie Cole’s “My Love,” and counselor Marques Blanford, who got students’ attention with his version of Marvin Winans’ hit, ‘Together We Stand, Divided We Fall.”

Mark McGruder was the accompanist for many performers, and Katrina Lewis-Rimmer, who led a modern dance trio with senior Chrissa Lee and junior Bruce Benefield, spearheaded the “Teachers Got Talent” show. She worked many hours organizing and practicing with staff to ensure the show would be a success.

The talent show ended with business teacher Junita Moton’s energetic performance as Tina Turner. She wow fringes, stilettos and a long-flowing wig.

Many students did not recognize her as she and the Ikettes, her backup singers (Lauaren West-Morton, Keisha Bryant and Assistant Principal Nadonya Muslim vigorously danced and sang “Proud Mary.”


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