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Techniques to handle teen stress

Life for teenagers is stressful. Challenging environments and immigration concerns are issues teens at Cristo Rey face that add stress to their lives. In addition to these challenges, teens at the high school still deal with additional stress from classes, family and friendships.

“I am stressed out about all of this homework that we get every single day,” said Anyelina De La Cruz, a freshman at Detroit Cristo Rey. “Also, I am stressed about everything like after school clubs. A lot of things pile up and it is hard to control so time management is very important.”

All of these sources of worry can lead to chronic stress.

Chronic stress can cause anxiety, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system, and can contribute to diseases such as depression, and heart disease. Everyone is affected by stress at one time or another and it can feel overwhelming

There are many ways teens today deal with stress, and not all of them are healthy. Eating better, getting enough sleep, taking time with homework and meditating are among the ways teens can manage their stress in a positive way. 

Eating better

Eating breakfast in the morning before going to school and work helps students manage stress. When people get hungry, they also tend to get angry. Eating a good breakfast should help students focus until lunchtime. Cristo Rey offers hot breakfast in the morning, which is a great option for students.

Getting enough sleep

It is important to get enough sleep at night to prepare a healthy mindset for the following day. It is good to do homework when first getting home in order to go to sleep on time. Students may not always go to sleep at a regular bedtime, but can at least try to have a nightly routine. 

Taking your time with homework

Waiting until the last minute to do homework can cause a lot of stress. Students who wait until the last minute to do homework feel tired and may not do it at all. They may fall behind in classes, which makes them even more stressed. 


Meditation, which helps calm the brain, can create a quiet time for thinking about the day and taking a mental break. There are many apps and videos online to help with this and even just a few minutes can be beneficial.


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