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Oh, the drama

Cristo Rey students channel creativity with new drama club

<p>Senior Ivyanna Peoples acts out a scene. Photo courtesy of Emily Lara.</p>

Senior Ivyanna Peoples acts out a scene. Photo courtesy of Emily Lara.

This fall, juniors Kamio Green and Emily Lara brought a new creative outlet to Detroit Cristo Rey with the founding of a drama club. With more than 15 participants, it’s already a huge hit among students.

“I was really surprised,” said Green. “Both me and Emily thought it would take longer for anybody to be interested, especially juniors.” 

Not only do the creative juniors appreciate the number of students that showed up, the freshmen love the club and are hoping to continue this wild and somewhat new adventure until their senior year. 

At their first meeting, the group decided to do an activity called Scenes from a Hat, an improv warm-up that gave the club an idea of what was going to happen throughout the year. Students laughed and had fun as each group present its scene. 

“My favorite part of drama club is the improv,” said junior Britanny Gomez, who along with fellow junior Andrea Estrada, acted out a bullying scenario at a meeting. “You get to see how people express themselves and how they view certain situations.”

Freshmen members are also having a great time experiencing something new, but some are already experienced drama devotees who bring their own contributions to the club.

“I was in my middle school drama club and it was a lot of fun,” said freshman Ash Brown. “But here I get to meet new people as well as bring forth new activities for everyone to try.”

After careful discussion, and with Principal Kevin Cumming’s permission, the two founders have decided to have a character day for the drama participants. On this day, drama club members will stay in character all day, after going through training beforehand.

The drama club has opened up many opportunities for students who want to try something new and for returning drama fans. It is a safe space where all are welcomed and encouraged to channel their creativity.


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