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Teens work for financial stability

Entering high school can be very challenging for many teenagers. Along with transitioning into their young adult years, students have to focus on their financial liabilities as well. 

Teenagers want to make their high school years their most memorable period of joy. However, preparing for an unforgettable year could result in money coming from the students pockets. Frequently, teenage students wonder where their next dollar is going to come from and what can be done to keep a steady source of income. These acts of financial consideration eventually results into teenagers getting a job at a young age.

Though, all grade levels require financial support, seniors specifically require the most assistance for senior field trips, dues, and even senior merchandise. Here at Communication & Media Arts High School, several students balance school and employment together in order to pay for their senior year.

”It’s easy to balance school and work. If I can’t do it, I’ll just notify my boss to cut my days down but really you just have to set your own schedule,” said Bri’Janay Coleman

Having a job at a young age can be very beneficial. Not only does young employment prepare you for what’s to come but it also can build your team working and communication skills. 

Merchandise associate Terriona McCrary often develops better team working skills by quickly and efficiently working with associates to ensure that a customer leaves their store satisfied.

Teenage employment is a preparation for time management, financial security, and personal development skills.

”It’s easy to balance school and work because I have set schedule which allows me to stay on top of my game,” said Charisse Alexander. “Without a set schedule, I could definitely be off of my grind.”


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