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Principal Odom's mission for success

<p>&nbsp;Donya Odom has been principal at CMA for 11 years. Courtesy photo.</p>

 Donya Odom has been principal at CMA for 11 years. Courtesy photo.

Communication & Media Arts High School Principal Donya Odom has served as the school’s principal for 11 years and contributed much to CMA’s environment.

Initially, Odom started her position at CMA as an assistant principal. Following her accomplishments as an assistant principal, she was promoted to principal.

Odom has made it her mission to make CMA one of the best high schools in the Detroit Public Community Schools District. Inspired by the thought of supporting the community, Odom said she realized students needed someone that looked like her to guide them in the right path.

“I have the best students in the whole city,” she said. “I’m very proud of our work here at CMA.”

Guided by Odom’s administration, CMA is ranked No. 3 out of the entire DPSCD. Additionally, Odom strongly expresses the importance of attending school on a daily basis. Because of Odom’s dedication towards serving as a team leader, CMA’s attendance rate is over 80%

And her work at CMA is not done. Making CMA a full-service multimedia school with Ivy programs is one of Odom’s achievable goals.

Odom’s contribution to Detroit Public Schools didn’t only start at CMA. Prior to becoming a leader in chain of command, Odom served as a social studies teacher at Mumford High School. Odom and several others also helped come up with the DPSCD world history curriculum.

From then, Mrs. Odom has served the DPSCD not only by preparing students academically but also preparing students to take responsibility in their everyday lives without their parents.

“Before, I came to CMA I was a very wild student but Mrs. Odom believed in me and helped calm me down,” Kanay Taylor said. “She believes in her students and that’s what makes her a great principal.”

Being a graduate from Central High School of DPS, Odom has much experience in the school system as a student herself. She knows how it feels to need a solid support system. Therefore, another one of her tasks that she has assigned herself is to be there for students when they need it the most.


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