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Job Corps comes to Ben Carson

<p>Jamari Childs takes Suliman Islam’s vitals as Aniqa Usha assists. Photo by Sarah Kabala.</p>

Jamari Childs takes Suliman Islam’s vitals as Aniqa Usha assists. Photo by Sarah Kabala.

Benjamin Carson High School became the first Detroit public school to adopt a certified nurse’s assistant program in addition to its various existing medical-focused programs.

“It’s a brand new opportunity for seniors that we are hoping becomes an opportunity for a bigger proportion of seniors in coming years that gives them a chance to basically, by the time they graduate, or at least right after they graduate, to receive a CNA like a valuable certification,” BCHS college adviser Sean Henry said.

The program is offered at the Wayne County Community College through Job Corps, a federal program that trains people in high-need areas who are then able to get jobs. 

“Its expansive benefits include college courses that are completely paid for, the price of the textbooks and supplies, a weekly stipend, final stipend of $1,200, transportation to and from the college, tickets to professional sports games and concerts, and finally, health and dental services,” BCHS principal Charles Todd said.

The course changes professors from one quarter to the next. The previous professor, William R. Miller, a surgeon assistant, taught the class in order to have a positive impact and increase the number of the minority of physicians in the medical world.

“It’s helpful to me in many ways because I can know the right medical terminology that will be used in the medical field and is preparing for my long term goal, which is to be a family care physician,” senior Aniqa Usha said.

In addition to the students who are using the program as a stepping tool to into their respective fields, there are also others who are taking the class to enrich themselves even if they are not interested in the medical field. 

It is only one of the various CTE programs that are currently being offered at BCHS. Todd said all students who take full advantage of all the program has to offer will benefit from it.

“I feel like the skills that we are learning in this program are transferable to any career field,” senior Daira Lloyd said.


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