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Dual enrollment key part of BCHS

Dual enrollment, a course offered at Benjamin Carson High School through Wayne County Community College, has always played a crucial role in the school’s development and allowed students to further their academics. This program allows students to take college level courses while also managing their normal high school courses.

“I believe this is a program that benefits young minds and shows them what you must prepare yourself for in college,” said Dr. Walter Davis, a Dual Enrollment professor. “It shows them that you can’t slack off and you need to put the time in to succeed.”

Davis has been teaching for over 20 years and agrees with the fact that dual enrollment courses positively complement a student’s transcript and will allow them to graduate early from college. It is a golden opportunity for students to challenge themselves and progress as individuals.

“Dual enrollment was such a helpful tool in my studies because it taught me dedication and to persevere through the hard times so one day I can achieve success,” BCHS graduate Mustafizur Rahman said.

Dual enrollment is a culmination of hardwork and perseverance. It provides an advantage for students because it prepares them for the future. Dedication and hard work is required but once you truly embrace yourself in the class, the possibilities are endless.


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