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Dual enrollment benefits students

Many students at Benjamin Carson High School are taking advantage of the dual enrollment program. 

Dual enrollment is very beneficial in many different ways. It allows students to obtain college credits at no cost. This allows students to get a better understanding and helps them get college experience while still enjoying a high school environment.

There are programs where students go to a college campus, but we have our own classroom inside the high school. The program offers biology and environmental science courses. 

In addition, some of the classes with the dual enrollment programs are on campus so that also allows students to get a vast reach on resources. Students will also be able to explore fields of study that help them choose a major and understand a certain path they are taking.

Overall, though, the classroom’s environment is perfect. Students respect and help each other. 

The teacher Dr. Walter Davis works with us on the subjects until we understand them. One of the things that he constantly says for us to succeed is “put the time in.” He’s always happy and has a smile on his face, which is what creates the positivity and students’ engagement in the classroom.

Students learn many different cool things to do with science and how they impact our lives on a daily basis. Davis works with students and pushes them to go farther and achieve success. This helps motivates us to work harder towards our obstacles and the positivity that comes is absolutely amazing. We believe that dual enrollment is beneficial in every single aspect from how it helps us as students to how the staff handles and teaches us at Benjamin Carson.


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