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Western teachers inspire storytelling

I write stories because I like to expand my imagination. When I write my stories, I think about what I want to be in the future. For example, I wrote a story about girls in which one of the girls murders her father and mother. The second girl is in love with the first and helps her. The story is called “Snowmen.” To better understand how other people write, I did two interviews with my teachers, who also write. They gave me a different opinions and offered advice on writing stories.

Magda Vela, a Spanish teacher, explained how her point of view is important in her stories. She talked about inspiration and gave me some tips to continue writing. One of them was to always carry a notebook so as to be able to write down all my ideas. I had never thought about that, and now I am sure it will help me a lot.

Rosimar Rodriguez is teaches English and math and writes fantasy stories, different from Vela’s style of writing. I was surprised at all the different ways that people can write. Rodriguez made me think a lot about what I really wanted to do in my future because I really like writing. I don’t want to give up and let my dreams die.

The two books that inspire me to write are “The Maze Runner” and “Mariana.” Those two books opened my imagination to create scenarios and characters. 

What I most desire in the future is the same as my two teachers: to publish a book. Suspense and terror is my favorite genre. That is what I really like to write. I would like to be able to live off my writing, but it is very difficult for writers today because people no longer read many books. Also, as my two teachers said, our dreams must be fulfilled; we must never give up on things we want to be. For me, that is writing stories.


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