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Western student pursues his love of art

<p>Student artist Victor Meza and an example of his art, above. Photo by Analisa Gomez.</p>

Student artist Victor Meza and an example of his art, above. Photo by Analisa Gomez.

At the age of 3, Western junior Victor Meza started to draw. He gets inspiration from TV shows, his little sister, video games and movies. He likes to draw humans as cartoons or in his style, which is mostly cartoonish but does have a tad of realism. In fact, his first drawing was on the movie “Monster House,” the scene where the kids approach the house in trash cans.

Meza says he likes to draw in the afternoon or nighttime because when he sits back to think about what he wants to draw he thinks about his day. For Meza drawing is a way to release stress and calm down.

The media he typically uses is colored pencils but at the moment is using water- based markers. Meza says he is proud of his art skills.

“I’ve come so far as an artist and I can truly be happy with 99% of what I put out now, whereas before I would constantly hate my art and never want to show it off,” he said. “So, I am more confident in general.”

He was not in an art contest, but he did have his art displayed in the hallway, and on the poster he put a couple of his original characters and some characters from a game he liked. 

He put those up because they were his best, and he really wanted people to see that he could create original characters.


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