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You can learn a lot from YouTube

YouTube is a place where people can be themselves. 

Beauty hacks, gaming, artwork, and music are only a few of the options you can surf through on the site, and it’s easy to lose track of time once you go from video to video. 

Those who start channels may be doing it just for fun, or they may have valuable information they want to share with the world.

Ralif Campbell, a West Side Academy senior, recently started a channel on YouTube. His primary goal for creating the channel was to have fun and hopefully make people feel better in the meantime.

“I wanted to show people how much video games can change you in a good way as a person,” said Campbell.

Currently, Campbell as 1,077 subscribers as his channel builds up. 

“It’s an exciting feeling when you see your number of subscribers go up,” said Campbell.

No matter what reasons users have for watching, they get the chance to break away from reality for a bit and fall into the world of endless videos. 

With all of the stress that students face today, we need a way to recharge our brains, and many of us find that going on YouTube helps to be happier overall.


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