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Trip teaches students about Mexican culture

<p>&nbsp;“Cruz Familia” was the name of an Ofrenda displayed at the DIA exhibit commemorating loved ones who passed away.</p>

 “Cruz Familia” was the name of an Ofrenda displayed at the DIA exhibit commemorating loved ones who passed away.

Renaissance High School’s Spanish Department hosted a field trip to learn about Mexican culture on Oct. 9.

Spanish teacher Natalia Merino-Boyle and some of her colleagues within the department hosted the field trip and choose select classes to attend. During the trip students visited La Gloria Bakery, Mexicantown, and the Detroit Institute of Arts. At each place the students enhanced their learning about Mexican culture. 

“It was a great opportunity for them to get to know about different types of Spanish restaurants and bakeries and I thought it was a good idea,” said Merino-Boyle. “In the trip we planned to go to the DIA there was an exhibition linked to the Mexican festivity that all tied in.” 

First, the Spanish students went to La Gloria Bakery. They had an opportunity to order authentic Mexican pastries and sweets. Students enjoyed the wide range of sweets to choose from and were able to purchase them at a cheap price.

“At the bakery, the food was like real cheap and set up real nice,” said Luke Graham, sophomore at RHS.

Next, they made a stop at Mexicantown to eat. The group ate genuine Mexican food such as tacos with chicken and rice. The food was much different compared to what they usually eat.

“The taste of the food was unusual, but I love to try new things.” said Nia Trueheart, student at RHS.

Lastly, the group of students went to the Detroit Institute of Arts to view the “Ofrendas.” Students were learning about the Day of the Dead and Ofrendas are rituals within the holiday. At the DIA, students were able to explore the different ofrendas and the stories associated with it.

“The DIA was intriguing and when viewing the Ofrendas I noticed a 1 year old died after being separated from her parents,” said Trueheart.

Each place the students visited impacted their outside learning experience. Everyone shared an unforgettable moment they will not forget. 

“This is a moment I will cherish and was glad I could experience this field trip,” Nia Trueheart said.


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