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Spirit week allows students to express themselves

Renaissance High School students got the chance to express themselves by dressing up for Spirit Week.

The week-long event was Oct. 7-11 and included meme/character day, twin day, family day, throwback day, and rep your class day as themes for the week.

“I dressed up for everyday of the week,” Freshman Chy’Ah Smith said. “Dressing up gave us things to talk about and costumes we’ll never forget.” 

RHS seniors Tyrese Anderson and Topaz Johnson dressed as senior-citizens for Family Day during Spirit Week 2019.

Students felt that family day was one of the most memorable days.

“Family Day was the funniest day because the seniors dressed up as senior-citizens,” Smith said.

Some students noted that Spirit week hasn’t changed much over the years.

“Everything has been the same since I’ve been at Renaissance,” senior Michelle Oliver said.

“Twin day is always on a Tuesday, throwback day is always on a Thursday and the pep rally is always on a Friday. The only days that have changed are Meme Day and Family Day.” 

The day that students enjoyed the most was Friday: the homecoming pep rally.

“The best day was Friday because we had special guests. I got the chance to rep my class while preparing for our senior entrance,” Oliver said.

Some students believe that school wouldn’t be the same without Spirit Week.

“It brings out our school spirit and brings us together as a whole which gives us something to look forward to,” Bullock said.


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