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Pep rally a success in the eyes of many students

<p>Instagram influencer Big Tae hosted the Renaissance High School homecoming Pep Rally on Oct. 11.</p>

Instagram influencer Big Tae hosted the Renaissance High School homecoming Pep Rally on Oct. 11.

Renaissance High School held a pep rally Oct. 11 in order to encourage their football players for the big homecoming game.

The annual pep rally began around 1 p.m. with a special senior entrance. The senior class of 2020 danced into the gymnasium to a mix of music. As they were seated, Big Tae, an Instagram influencer, was introduced as a special guest host.

“I can’t believe they got Big Tae to host the pep rally! Renaissance really came through this year,” Sydney Hall said.

Big Tae introduced the cheerleading team who cheered, danced and flipped to the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. Each grade had cheerleaders perform different routines to support their class.

“My favorite part of the whole pep rally had to have been when the cheerleaders performed,” Amadou Diallo said. “This might have been the best performance I’ve seen from them. This year there was much more flipping which really impressed me.” 

The cheerleaders stood in two lines as the football team was introduced by their coach. They high-fived each player as their name was called.

“Yeah, I felt encouraged from the pep rally,” defensive end Derrick Warren said. “When the school cheered for me I knew they were behind me supporting me.”

The band and majorette team performed next. The band played their instruments while marching and dancing, and the majorettes danced to their music.

“We have a bunch of ‘newbies’ this year, but they did really well for this to have been their first time performing at all,” the band’s conductor Nya Lusk said.

Dance Workshop was introduced and they performed to a variety of popular R&B and rap music. Like the cheerleaders, a member from each grade performed solos for their class. They showcased a variety of their skills including jumps, splits and leaps.

There were also activities such as a dance competition between classes and a basketball contest.

It was announced that there would be special guests. No one was sure who the guests were, although there had been rumors going around. Detroit rappers Drego and Beno along with East 

Warren Buck came out to everyone’s surprise. As they performed, many students encircle them. The rappers excited the football team by telling them they could beat Mumford.

“Drego and Beno are literally my favorite,” Kourtni McDaniel said. “I was star-struck when I saw them and I got a video with them! This has been the best pep rally I’ve been to. This whole week has been a success for Renni.”


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