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Science teacher educates in UAE

For the past five years, King’s biology and forensic science teacher Brenda Edwards taught in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Edwards left the states to instruct abroad in 2014. This was her first-time teaching in United Arab Emirates (UAE). She taught science to seventh through ninth graders. 

“I love to travel and have always wanted to experience Dubai and Abu Dhabi,” said Edwards. “This was definitely an opportunity to go.”

Her teaching methods have grown with this new experience under her belt. Being that she was there for five years, she believes her teaching style has changed.

Science teacher Brenda Edwards participates in a desert safari in Abu Dhabi with other teachers.

“I began to focus more on student-centered classrooms, inquiry-based learning, and differentiated learning, and game-based learning,” said Edwards.

To Edwards, this experience wasn’t a hard transition for her. She did a lot of thinking regarding traveling to Dubai and felt that adjusting to the new environment wasn’t going to be difficult.

“I had already researched Dubai as a place at the top of my list to visit,” said Edwards. “Therefore, when the offer presented itself to me, I was ecstatic to interview for a teaching position.”

Edwards expressed that while settling there, it was very welcoming. They helped navigate her and the other teachers around the country.

“Honestly, it was a very smooth transition because as soon as we landed, they made sure to make us feel as comfortable as possible and assisted us every step of the way,” said Edwards.

Edwards enjoyed this experience and now feels like she could possibly do this type of teaching experience again.

“If I had the opportunity to travel back there and teach, I would but it would be after I retire and it depends on the type of package they offer,” said Edwards.


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