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Bring vending machines to the Ville

Just about every place you go, there are vending machines: hospitals, churches, barbershops, everywhere. So, why not at East English Village?

Students often complain about the quality of food served for lunch. 

“The food in lunchroom doesn’t even look appealing, and I don’t think it’s always properly prepared; that’s why I only eat salads at school,” senior Anthony Smith said.

Many students end up purchasing junk food from nearby gas stations, stores, and fast food restaurants including Big Burger, Wing Snob, Coney Island, Wendy’s and other establishments in lieu of eating school lunches or being hungry after their lunch period. Some students eat lunch at 11:30 a.m. and are in school until 3:30 p.m. That’s a long time to be hungry. 

While some merchants complain about students being in their shops; they don’t refuse students and their money.

But, why should students give their business and money to outside vendors? If students had a variety of food choices to select from in the school, the school would make money from the food sales. Additionally, students would not likely want to leave the building to buy snacks and fast food. Parents would not have to worry about their kids leaving school traveling to restaurants possibly facing street danger or being struck by reckless drivers. And, students would make it to their after-lunch classes on time.

Having vending machines is a great business marketing strategy. Maybe BPA, Business Professionals of America or the Junior Achievement Program at the Ville could oversee the use and care of the vending machines. 

“Vending machines should be back in school to give students an opportunity to take a break and get something they may like or enjoy,” said assistant principal Evege James.

Having vending machines will not stop students from receiving in school lunches. They simply offer additional food choices, and who knows, maybe students would stop throwing away school lunches they don’t want. As it is, trash bins in the lunchroom are filled with part or whole lunches, and students are still left hungry.

Put nutritious fruit rolls, low sodium, low fat snacks in the vending machines. Even include soup, cereal, energy drinks, bottled water and maybe some chips and cookies.  

Now, students stop by many gas stations, stores, and restaurants on their way to and from school; they load up their backpacks with junk food. So, who’s getting paid? Not our school.

“If students are going to pay anybody for snacks, it should be our own school, not a gas station,” senior Asianna Franklin said.

Don’t stop school lunches, just offer more choices … get some vending machines in the Ville.


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