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Homecoming battle: Students compete in annual Olympiad competition

<p>Juniors tug for their victory against seniors. Photo by Laurice Harris.</p>

Juniors tug for their victory against seniors. Photo by Laurice Harris.

Every year during the beginning of homecoming day, Communication and Media Arts High School hosts its own Olympiad game in the school’s gym. Originating from not having a football team five years ago, Olympiad is CMA’s own outstanding Olympics tournament. 

Now that CMA has their own football team, students are able to enjoy both the pleasure of having a football game and Olympiad before homecoming. 

Many of the games in Olympiad requires much practice and strength. The games included are tug a war, the human tunnel, the obstacle course, the three point shot, and much more.

“I liked the basketball game the most because it was intense,” said sophomore Jazlyn Jackson. 

After all, the three point game did show the talents of many CMA students. 

Also during this year’s Olympiad, principal Donya Odom gave students the chance to showcase their talents by having a rap battle and a dance off.  

Noticeably, Olympiad creates much tension and competitiveness amongst the competitors. 

“The human tunnel is the best part of the game because it gives you much competition while having fun at the same time,” said senior Nyari Lollie. 

Not only is Olympiad very exciting it also shows students inner strength making it a very exhilarating event.

“I was extremely excited for Olympiad because it’s our senior year so we played hard and won,” said senior Tatyana Smith.

Inspired by Rapper Travis Scott album “Astroworld,” the senior class of 2020 decided to come up with their theme “Senior World.”

While all classes competed for the title of “2019-2020 Olympiad Winner” seniors took the win and became the new winners of CMA’s own Olympiad. 

Altogether, Olympiad is a good way for students to get involved, stay fit, have fun, and compete against each other all at the same time.


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