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Students enjoy 'Hamilton'

Freshmen and sophomores from Benjamin Carson High School were selected to go view performance of the production of the Broadway hit “Hamilton.”

Funded by the Gilder Berman Foundation, the students had the opportunity to learn a little history taught by foundation and then buy tickets to the show at the Fisher Theater for $10 -- a symbolic gesture because Alexander Hamilton is featured on the $10 bill.

A requirement of attending the Hamilton production students learned about the time period when the founding fathers lived. They also had to read a primary source like a letter or a speech, then create a performance piece such as a poem, rap song or skit.

They were asked to practice then perform their performance piece. 

“Two of our sophomores were chosen to perform and they did an amazing job,” said drama teacher Grace Walter. “They got to go backstage and meet the cast and perform on the stage. So our students got to spend the whole day at the Fisher Theater in the morning, they saw student performances, and then a Q&A with the cast. Then in the afternoon, they got to see Hamilton the musical which is one of the most expensive and well known musicals in the world.”

“The experience was great and I had a lot of fun,” sophomore Tasnim Dina said. I enjoyed going backstage, being able to perform and meeting new people.”


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