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Celebrating women & girls in sports

Detroit PAL, area students celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day

<p>Some of the girls from University Prep Academy volleyball team with pencils.</p>

Some of the girls from University Prep Academy volleyball team with pencils.

The 33rd annual National Girls & Women in Sports Day, which was started in 1987 by the Women’s Sports Foundation, was celebrated Feb. 6.

This year’s theme is “Lead Her Forward,” to honor the many ways that sports push girls and women to achieve excellence and realize their boundless potential.

On March 2, Detroit Police Athletic League, or PAL, an organization building character in young people, celebrated the day by giving out pens, pencil and bags, and by giving girls the chance to share their love for sports through writing.

Paige Solomon, a seventh grader at Crescent Academy, said she likes playing sports because it helps her become more active and fit.

A pencils, pen, paper, and bag were given out at the event.

Aryana Martinez, a volleyball player at University Prep Academy said, “My favorite part of being an athlete is we work hard and we are pushed to do our best and we are competitive.”

Brandi Seaborn, a sophomore at Cass Tech said, “My favorite part of being an athlete is meeting new people, the experiences, the love and support the coaches give, and I get to be myself.”

When talking about why it was important to put this event on Ramona Cox, associate athletic director at Detroit PAL, said, “I think it is important to provide girls the opportunity to participate in sports and this event allowed us to highlight that.”

Cox said she has known about this celebration for many years and since she’s been with PAL and has worked directly with girls in sports have incorporated it as a celebration.


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