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State senator sworn in at Mumford

Mumford sophomore Maya Bullock peeks out from behind her dad just after he took the oath of office for the Michigan State Senate in the Mumford Auditorium on Jan. 14. Senator Marshall Bullock graduated Mumford with the class of ‘85.  Photo by Robert Alexander.

Marshall Bullock, Mumford High School class of 1985, still calls the Mumford neighborhood home, and now he’s representing us in the State Senate in Lansing. 

On Jan. 14, Bullock was sworn in as state senator for the fourth district in the Mumford auditorium before an audience of friends, family, supporters and students.  

“Most of my character was built on the grounds here at 17525 Wyoming,” Bullock said. 

Because Mumford was and is important to him, everyone he invited to be on the stage, except for three local elected officials, was a Mustang.

“Everyone who spoke on my behalf was a graduate of Mumford except my daughter, Maya, who is a current student,” Bullock said. “I just wanted the students to know that we are from the same neighborhood. We walked the same streets, we caught the same buses. We just want you all to be greater than us.” 

Brett Woodley brought his civics classes to witness the ceremony. He also wanted students to see Mumford grads who are role models. 

I think it’s important for students to understand how the government and representatives have an effect on them, and if they learn how the system works and see positive role models from their community, it might inspire them to want to do something along the same route,” Woodley said. 

According to his website, Bullock’s focus as a state Senator will include “providing kids with a world-class education, making common-sense reforms to auto insurance, and fighting for accessible, affordable health care and mental health programs.”

Mumford sophomore Maya Bullock was the last speaker before her father took the oath of office. 

“I felt proud that my dad was doing something that’s going to change peoples’ lives. And he is going to be great at it because that’s who he is as a person — a leader!”


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