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Assistant principal by day, entrepreneur at night

A Tauntus Cosmetics model Starrambrosia shows the company’s products. Assistant Principal Nadonya Muslim launched the company in 2017. Photo courtesy of Tauntus Cosmetics.

Assistant principal Nadonya Muslim’s mission at the Ville is to inspire young women to be who and what they aspire to be in life. She models what she preaches. 

Muslim launched a second career in the beauty industry with her cosmetic line called Tauntus Cosmetics. 

On Jan. 5, 2017, her business hit the market. What makes Tauntus special is there are no paid employees, just great friends and family who volunteer.

Tauntus Cosmetics include lip gloss, lip liners, lip sticks, sugar lip scrubs (for men and women), T-shirts, mirrors, and soon to come are tote bags. 

Muslim advertises her business on Facebook, Instagram, flyers and by word of mouth. Muslim participates in tons of business events, especially bazaars.

Now, Tauntus Cosmetics can be found in Macy’s at Twelve Oaks in Novi, Michigan, and Lenox Mall in Atlanta. Soon it will to be in Los Angeles. Her product is also sold in the Bahamas. 

Tauntus is manufactured in America and can be purchased online at

As an entrepreneur, Muslim pays special attention to laws and contracts associated with her business to prevent lawsuits and unethical practices. A lot of her success derives from her personally promoting her products in the community and on social media.

Muslim’s company also helps the community, and soon she will speak at an event hosted by the Department of Children’s Services. This event is to teach women how to start a company without any funds.

“In five years, I see myself as an assistant principal and a millionaire,” said Muslim.

Muslim said she hopes to continue working as an educator so she can make a positive impact on many young people’s lives and shares her story of making her dreams come true.


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