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Self-love in the black community

Terrel Hicks

Black History Month is the time of year that we celebrate our history. People like Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X or even recent heroes like Colin Kaepernick are recognized. Additionally, people’s participation in the Black Lives Matter Movement is highlighted, but there is still a problem in our community --— hatred of ourselves. Several decades ago we were taught to hate ourselves because of the color of our skin, the size of our lips and nose, and even our hair, which is still prevalent in present day America. 

As people of color we are degraded to this day. It’s still presented in media (Instagram, Facebook, News, clothing stores, etc.) like recently with the Gucci scandal. Gucci made a sweater that is all black and covers the mouth. The mouth is a red oval like the lips they drew on non-African American people for laughs on TV shows and plays in the 20th century.

Self-love needs to become a new hope for the community. Embrace who you are and what you are, without feeling bad about it. In the words of King: “I’m black and I’m proud of it. I’m black and beautiful.” This should be the forefront of the black community. People of color know what it’s like to feel degraded and we need to teach ourselves to love ourselves. If they don’t love us, we definitely will.

“I feel like self love is important in our communities, because there would be a decrease in black on black crime,” said sophomore Demear Anderson. 

Senior Nathaniel Hooper said, “It’s important because if we come together we can be united, other than hating and tearing each other down.”


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