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Does Cardi B deserve a Grammy?

Social media was in uproar after Cardi B grabbed a controversial win for best rap album at the 2019 Grammy Awards. Fans were split over the decision: Some said Cardi B doesn’t deserve the Grammy, others defended her award.

Most people are happy for Cardi. Celebrities took to twitter to congratulate her. Rappers Lil Kim and Remy Ma tweeted -

But hip hop fans were upset at Cardi’s win. They claimed that Cardi B isn’t as talented a rapper as other nominees, that she only won the Grammy because of her popularity.

Commenters criticized Cardi for her win.

Many people ran to social media to debate whether or not Cardi deserved the win.

Renaissance was also abuzz.

Renaissance junior Darrielle Johnson said Cardi B’s album was a “masterpiece.”

“Cardi B worked hard on the album, so she should’ve won. All her songs were good. The Grammys wouldn’t have chosen her if they felt she didn’t deserve it.”

But some RHS students suggested Cardi B should not have been up for an award at all. Jaylah Walton, Renaissance junior, said Nicki’s album “is clearly better... if she was nominated, she would’ve won.”


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