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Re-living history

Students create wax museum at Benjamin Carson H.S.

<p>Emran Ali takes a turn as boxing legend Muhammed Ali.</p>

Emran Ali takes a turn as boxing legend Muhammed Ali.

During the week of Feb. 25, Ben Carson High hosted a Wax Museum of African American leaders of the past. The goal of the museum was to learn more about African American leaders who made a major contribution to our society.

The museum showcased the work of Angela Flounory’s Leadership Development course. Students were able to conduct research and reenact the people they studied. 

“I used the project in the past and it felt the students were teaching the adults,” said Flounory.

“It was fun. I love boxing, so it was a great learning experience. It kept me motivated,” said junior Emran Ali, who researched boxing legend Muhammad Ali.

Other historical figures represented included Malcolm X, Bill Withers, Nina Simone and Booker T. Washington.

Angela Flounory’s Leadership Development recently hosted a wax museum.

  • “I was able to learn that Booker T. Washington was a great teacher to Native Americans,” junior Jamari Childs said. “He was a like a father to over 50 of them. It was a fun project, I would definitely do it again.”

The students were given an opportunity to present their figure to other students. 

“I was excited to share my project with other students, it makes it real,” said junior Nahid Goni.

During the week, students from other grade levels were able to visit the museum. They were able to interact with the presenters. 

“The Wax Museum was a success because a lot of information was shared,” Flounary said.


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