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Economic Club welcomes students

Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan speaks at the Detroit Economic Club. A select group of Ben Carson seniors and juniors were invited to attend the meeting.

Earlier this year a group of selected Ben Carson seniors and juniors where invited to a Detroit Economic Club Meeting. They were there to discuss the $35 million given to seven Detroit Neighborhoods to renovate and renew the areas.

The meeting “was a great learning experience meeting business professionals. It made me happy seeing how they are renovating my city,” senior Andrew Reed said.

Students experienced a private panel with Alicia George, owner of the Motor City Java House and Gary Torgow, chairman of Chemical Bank and founder of Partners Detroit.

Students learned things such as the struggles George faced as a black woman trying to start her business. Torgow talked about his process to get where he is today. 

“Going to the meeting was one of the best decisions I have ever made,” senior Mustafizur Rahman said. “Hearing how our community leaders are doing this much for the future of Detroit’s scholars has inspired me to first reach my goals and to become successful so I may give back to my community.”

This January meeting was not only a learning experience, but an experience for connections and opportunity. Rahman took the chance and spoke personally with Torgow. He later was contacted by one of Torgow’s representatives and received a summer internship at Chemical Bank. 

“Hearing Gary Torgow’s and Alicia George’s commitment to improving Detroit was inspirational,” English Teacher Kristen Maher said. “Alicia George’s story sent an important message to students about the power of perseverance in following your dreams and the positive impact individuals can have on their community.”


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