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Are teens misjudged?

We believe teenagers are being misunderstood unfairly by people they interact with. Teens are a whole ball of emotions and sometimes they do not think about what might happen next. Most of them live in the moment. 

When their peers or adults do or say something they do not agree with they seem to let all their emotions right there. I believe it is a new day and age with new ideas. 

Misconceptions and stereotypes are only a part of a story.

We believe that if we all take time to carefully listen to each other, we will be able to overcome all these misconceptions and misunderstandings.

According to Grace Walter, an English teacher at BCHS, there are stereotypes that teenagers are selfish or that they do not care about things in the world. Teenagers also are known to be lazy, unaware, disrespectful, and do not have as much passion for certain things.

Fatima Cisse, a student at BCHS, teenagers are unaware and not as open-minded but that cannot be said about all teenagers. In the world there are all kinds of people just like them, teenagers are all different. 

“I do care about education and there are plenty of teens who care about education and plenty of teens who want to go to college,” Tafsia Tonmi said. “I believe it should only be right that all teenagers are not lumped in one unpleasantly titled group because like everyone else all teenagers are different.”

“Teens should not only be seen and not heard,” said Angela Flounory, a substitute at BCHS. “There is so much to teenagers other than what meets the eye. Some people think that teens are disrespectful when they are just trying to advocate for themselves.”

Everyone has their own perspective of teens, as they were one themselves. Some are misunderstood, however, some need to be understood. 


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