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Have you heard of Goes Global?

Neither did I until they came to Southeastern High School with information about leadership and travel. I am interested in both, so this piqued my interest. When the invitation was extended to attend an informational meeting, I was engaged.

Goes Global is a mentorship program for Detroit 9th graders that prepares participants for college and careers. The founders are brothers James and Adam Logan, Detroit; and Joseph Bowman, Brooklyn, NY. Their motto is “see the world, change the world,” according to information distributed at the meeting and listed on the site.

The point that really stood out to me is the question they pose on their website “How can you change the world and you’ve never seen it?” It made me think of the few opportunities I have had to travel outside of Detroit. This is an opportunity for me to see and experience different things which can help me further my career in culinary arts by tasting different foods from all around the world.

Throughout the remaining Dialogue issues for 2018-19, I will review the program, sharing the great, the good and the challenges with participating in this unique program.

Money is usually an obstacle that stops many students from participating in programs that require travel. But with this nonprofit organization, students don’t have to worry about that because there is no cost to the youth. Goes Global pays for the passports and plane tickets to take kids like me to places like Canada, Dubai, Mexico and China.

According to the handouts, Goes Global wants to “eliminate all barriers that can keep them from exceeding the expectations.”


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