Two years ago at Mumford lunch was only 30 minutes long, but starting last year, the lunch hour is really an hour long.

During the short lunch period students barely had enough time eat. Now they have time for much more than just eating, and they’ve found lots of options.

Many students get their lunch and play games in the cafeteria like Uno, Connect Four, or spades. Others head for classrooms to get extra help or catch up on assignments. The gym is available for basketball and the counseling center is open for students who need to use computers. Lunchtime karaoke is a big hit with everyone in the lunchroom singing along with administrators.


Juniors Kenyatta Kurby and Allen Gee, Jr. square off in the gym during 4th hour lunch on Oct. 30. School culture facilitator Justin Pitts gives out tickets during lunch to well-behaved students in the lunchroom that give them access to the gym for a mid-day workout.


Mumford social studies teacher Matthew Geoghegan clowns around during Chat and Chew in Principal Angela Prince’s conference room on Oct. 25. Prince said Chat and Chew is a time for staff and teachers come together with their lunches to relax, make personal connections, and talk about issues in the school and about what’s going on in their personal lives.