Students come to school with the intentions to get in, learn something, and head home. It is a routine that has been followed for many years. However, getting home safely is not always guaranteed for students nor staff. According to the Detroit Free Press, for some at Fitzgerald High School in Warren, this is the fate they witnessed on Sept. 12, when a student was stabbed to death.

“School is a place where all types of students go through different situations. You never know what is going on in someone’s mind,” said junior and cousin of the victim at Fitzgerald Tatiyana Johnson. “Because they are going through something at home, may cause them to come to school and take it out on other people.”

This tragedy is not the only example of school violence that has occurred this year. As reported by Saeed Ahmed and Christina Walker at CNN, within the first 21 weeks of 2018, America had faced 23 school shootings. A place believed to be secure and fundamental is now being feared by not only students but their parents as well. The issue of security is now being asked more frequently.

“I feel that she is safe. Procedures are put in place to ensure her safety,” said parent Anita Colter whose daughter is a senior at one of DPSCD schools. “Metal detectors help, cameras, teachers, security guards, and prayer helps.”

DPSCD established a new position throughout the district this school year, Dean of Culture. One of the duties that come along with this title is to work closely with security. King’s dean is Benny White who builds connections with the students and relates to the many circumstances they bring.

“Certain communities demand a little more security and attention than others,” said White. “The well-being of staff and students is a constant concern.”

When first coming into the school there are security officers and metal detectors. Coupled with this, administration has different drills to elevate safety.

“I do think that they [security] try to make sure we’re safe,” said senior Arielle Zander. “I do think that more steps could be put into our safety other than just checking our book bags or making sure we’re not in the hallways.”

This country is at a point where many things are being challenged more than ever, and school safety is a big one. Some students do not feel as safe as they once did.

“My cousin’s death is another reason I do not feel safe at school all the time,” said Johnson. “That incident has me looking over my shoulders.”