On the night of Oct. 12 in Detroit, at Cantrell Funeral Home on Detroit’s east side, 11 bodies of infants and still born babies were found in the ceiling. I was shocked by that. I’ve been to that funeral home multiple times when I was younger. The last time I was there I was at a viewing for my grandfather. Years before that, it was my other grandfather’s service at the very same funeral home.

It’s in the neighborhood, and to find out that dead bodies of babies were found was shocking and horrifying. I been living in that neighborhood, since I was seven years old and never thought that something like that could happen.

Earlier this year, Cantrell was shut down due to “unsanitary conditions.”

As reported by WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit the property’s current owner, Naveed Syed, who recently purchased the property, was the one who called  the police after discovering the gruesome site. Remains were found in boxes and two small caskets.

I hope that the families  of these babies get justice and that police find out who was responsible for this, so they can be held  accountable for their crimes.