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Ben Carson students have amazing experience at MSU

<p>Junior Nataysha Owens releases a bird.&nbsp;</p>

Junior Nataysha Owens releases a bird. 

On April 19,  Benjamin Carson High School students went to Michigan State for a tour. Students explored the Michigan State campus, including the MSU Dairy Store and Brody cafeteria. During the tour, many students interacted with different species of birds. Some of the students helped the Michigan State staff out by helping them search for birds at a small banding station where they collect data on local wildlife, banding the birds and setting them free again.

With the help of MSU undergrad students, BCHS students found 10 birds on capture nets. Capture nets are used to safely catch birds without harming them. After the birds were captured, they were put in and bag, pinned to the staff’s shirts, and brought back to the banding station. The staff banded the birds and the students were able to release them.

Student wanted to release the birds but they were terrified at the same. Every student was fascinated by the birds and they wanted to learned more about them.


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