Western International High School senior Carla Underwood participated in a distinguished panel of fellow students and educators at the We Choose Campaign Journey for Justice Alliance conference held at Wayne State University on Feb. 13.

According to information on the Journey for Justice Alliance website, the #WeChoose campaign is grassroots organization of parents and students across the U.S. that resists corporate education policies. They work with local communities to encourage and support community driven alternatives to the privatization of and dismantling of public school system.

Underwood said she believes students should help determine school curriculum.

"We actually have some pretty good ideas," she said. "Give teachers more input.Let teachers teach."

Underwood is currently the president of buildOn at Western. buildOn is a service learning organization. Underwood previously traveled to Haiti with buildOn students and staff to build a primary school in a village. She plans to attend Wayne State University or the University of Loyola-Chicago for college.