It was mid-winter break and it was raining. Nevertheless, by 10:15 a.m., four buses were on their way to Wakanda -- by way of the Bel Air Luxury Cinema on Tuesday, Feb. 20. 

As a part of the international Black Panther Challenge started by Frederick Joseph of New York, several Western Staff caught the positive buzz and spearheaded the Detroit Black Panther Challenge.

In less than 20 days, over 100 people, primarily metro Detroiters, donated money so at least 160 students from multiple schools in Detroit, would be able to go together to see the revolutionary "Black Panther" movie, VIP style.

Cody-DIT, Davison Elementary and trip host Western International arrived at Wakanda via the Bel Air and were greeted by African music playing and chaperones adorned in African attire.

Students enjoyed pictures and interviews by the Detroit Free Press and Detroit News, pop, popcorn, admission to the Black Panther movie, inspirational cards and messages, and a Detroit Black Panther wristband- #JustBecause

While most students understood and appreciated the cultural impact and significance of the movie that featured a predominantly all black cast in a positive manner-it was the cheers and claps in unison for the good guys and the jeers for the bad ones, that served as the ultimate movie review.