Tiphanie Anderson-Coakley is one of our beloved resource teachers at Henry Ford High School. 

Anderson-Coakley attended Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor's of Science in kinesiology in 2007. In 2013, Anderson-Coakley graduated from Marygrove College with a Master’s Degree in education.

Anderson-Coakley said she believes that all students be presented with equal opportunities to learn while addressing the variety of learning styles. 

“I have an open-door policy, where students are able to receive assistance with their assignments," she said. "Many students feel overburdened with their assignments or even their school workload. I provide resources for all students to get the extra help they require."

Although this is Anderson-Coakley first year teaching at Henry Ford, she is an added value to our team of teachers. She is a dedicated professional who promotes student support and academic rigor to all students alike.